Governance Of Suratgarh

City-wide administration is coordinated by the Nagar Palika Suratgarh. Here is an SDM court, an ADM, ACJM, MJM and ADJ court. it is a place of Maharaja Sardul singh. The great personality of Rajputana Riyasat in Bikaner state. There a Emergency Security System for secure the city to IT exceptions. SI of ESS (A.K.-47). This team working there secretally but casually.

MP of Sriganganagar :- Sh. Nihal Chand Meghwal

MLA of Suratgarh :- Sh. Rajender Bhadu

Nagarpalika Chairman of Suratgarh :- Smt. Kajal Chhabra

Vice Chairman of Nagar Palika :- Sh. Pawan Ojha

C.I. of City Police Thana :- Sh. Ranveer Singh Sai

C.O. of Sadar Police Thana :- Sh. Madan Singh Burdak

SDM of Suratgarh :- Ramchandra Potalia

ADM of Suratgarh :-

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