Suratgarh Central State Farm

1 LocationThis farm is situated near Suratgarh in Sri Ganganagar and  Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan which is about 450 Km. west of Delhi. By road from Delhi ISBT, it is linked via Rohtak, Hisar and Hanumangarh. From Jaipur, one can go via Hanumangarh. By train, it is Delhi Suratgarh via Sirsa, Bhatinda and Hanumangarh by Udyan Abha Express and Delhi-Jaipur-Hanumangarh-Suratgarh by Sri Ganganagar Express.
2 Total Area (in hect,) 6296.00
3 Culturable Area (in hect.) 5694.00
4 Irrigated Area (in hect.) 1452.00
5 Rainfed Area (in hect.) 4242.00
6 Source of Irrigation Bhakra Canal System
7 Main Crops under Seed Production Paddy, Moong, Urd,Wheat, Gram, Mustard. Barley Oat.
8 Cropwise seed Production(in qtls.)


Crop Seed Prodn. In Qtls(Expected)
Paddy 9144
Cotton 282
Moong 843
Urd 583
Guar 306
Others 91


Crop Seed Prodn. In Qtls(Estimated)
Wheat 17221
Gram 5803
Barley 7173
Oats 2096
Mustard 4439
Others 305