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Suratgarh Central State Farm

Suratgarh Central State Farm is said to be Asia’s Biggest and largest Agriculture farm. It is the first effort of State Farms Corporation of India Limited (SFCI).
In 1956, when first mechanized farm was established in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan with the machinery gifted by erstwhile USSR on the eve of the visit of Marshal Bulganin.
Inauguration of first farm at Suratgarh in 1956, was done by the first Prime Minister of India Late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Pt. Nehru called it a SYMBOL OF RESURGENT INDIA? Subsequently, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India remarked, the Suratgarh farm has shown us how human will and scientific ingenuity can make desert bloom?
Total area of Suratgarh Farm is 6296 Hect. Culturable Area Is (in hect.) 5694.00, Irrigated Area (in hect.) is 1452.00, Rainfed Area (in hect.) 4242.00 and the Source of irrigation is Bhakra Canal System.
The initial idea of setting up this farm (also other six farms under SFCI) was to increase the food production. Main Crops under Seed Production are Paddy, Moong, Urd,Wheat, Gram, Mustard. Barley Oat.

1Location: This farm is situated near Suratgarh in Sri Ganganagar and  Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan which is about 450 Km. west of Delhi. By road from Delhi ISBT, it is linked via Rohtak, Hisar and Hanumangarh. From Jaipur, one can go via Hanumangarh. By train, it is Delhi Suratgarh via Sirsa, Bhatinda and Hanumangarh by Udyan Abha Express and Delhi-Jaipur-Hanumangarh-Suratgarh by Sri Ganganagar Express.
2Total Area (in hect,)6296.00
3Culturable Area (in hect.)5694.00
4Irrigated Area (in hect.)1452.00
5Rainfed Area (in hect.)4242.00
6Source of IrrigationBhakra Canal System
7Main Crops under Seed ProductionPaddy, Moong, Urd,Wheat, Gram, Mustard. Barley Oat.
8Cropwise seed Production(in qtls.)
Kharif-2006CropSeed Prodn. In Qtls(Expected)Paddy9144Cotton282Moong843Urd583Guar306Others91Rabi-2006-07CropSeed Prodn. In Qtls(Estimated)Wheat17221Gram5803Barley7173Oats2096Mustard4439Others305